How does myosh help organisations comply with safety standards?

    Implement end-to-end processes and ensure you comply with legislation

    Complying with health and safety standards can lead to improvements in productivity, reduced insurance costs, and can even be used to win business. Replacing manual procedures with software automation to manage safety processes can drastically reduce the amount of time required to meet and sustain compliance standards.

    This analysis below aims to highlight some of the pertinent features and functionalities in myosh, which facilitate and support compliance against common international standards. Scroll down to read how myosh answers various specific clauses.

    Please note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive guide/manual of the complete capabilities of the myosh solution.

    ISO 45001OHSAS 18001ISO 14001

    Match HSE Standards Against myosh Features and Functionalities

    The internal and external context of the organisation must shape its OHS management system capabilities.

    ISO 45001 clause: 4 / OHSAS 18001 clause: 4 / ISO 14001 clause: 4

    Our system provides a scalable solution with configurable organisational hierarchies (company, department, site, etc.) across geographical operations and access-controlled stakeholders: users and user groups. Customer-selected modules are based on their specific organisational requirements and additional modules can be added as the business grows. With a Classic Plus or Custom subscription, existing modules can be refined or entirely overhauled, respectively.

    Leadership and worker participation

    ISO 45001 clause: 5 / 18001 clause: N/A / ISO 14001 clause: 5

    Collaboration and productivity are enhanced with automated workflow for management or user intervention and approval at different stages of the escalation process. Visibility of the workflow status and automated notifications enables management oversight and prompt resolution of issues. Scheduled meetings and related documents can be easily organised and actioned within the system.

    Organisational roles, responsibilities, resources, accountability and authority

    ISO 45001 clause: 5.3, 7.1 / 18001 clause: 4.4.1 / ISO 14001 clause: 5.3, 7.1

    Besides enforcing accountability and supporting compliance through automated and standardised workflows, access to data can be configured and controlled at the division/ departmental/ site levels for different Users and Groups. Additional workflow and field conditions can be configured for – create/ read/ edit – restrictions to be applied either to the entire or sections of the form based on organisational role-based authority.

    Participation and consultation

    ISO 45001 clause: 5.4 / 18001 clause: / ISO 14001 clause: 7.4

    The system provides a fully configurable application for collaborative HSE management with supporting mob app that enables onsite data logs from anywhere in the world. Scheduled notifications provide reminders to those who need to address open actions. Comment fields in the forms enable various users to provide critical input for decision making. Users can also subscribe to updates for specific records to ensure that they are kept informed of any changes to them. QR code or record link can be sent to other users to share specific data. Additionally, email invites can be sent to external parties such as contractors to collaborate on records.

    Actions to address risk and opportunities

    ISO 45001 clause: 6.1 / 18001 clause: N/A / ISO 14001 clause: 6.1

    Action Management provides a central repository of all the actions associated with the various modules within the system. Multiple actions can be created from any module, which are linked to the record source and easily accessed via the notification batch in each module.

    Hazard identification and assessment of OHS risks; Significant Environmental Aspects

    ISO 45001 clause: 6.1.2 / 18001 clause: 4.3.1 / ISO 14001 clause: 6.1.2

    Data for the entire risk management cycle – hazard identification, risk assessment, risk treatment and control evaluation – is managed in a single application with associated links to other modules. The solution supports configurable risk matrix with risk driven workflow and record notification. Hazard classifications include environmental reports.

    Legal and other requirements, evaluation of compliance with legal and other requirements, internal audit

    ISO 45001 clause: 6.1.3, 9.1.2, 9.2 / 18001 clause: 4.3.2, 4.5.2 / ISO 14001 clause: 6.1.3, 9.1.2, 9.2

    Legislative documents is captured in the system and configurable templates can be used for internal compliance audit to ensure that any non-conformances are identified and addressed. Types of registers include chemical, electrical equipment, PPE, vehicle, etc.

    Competency, training and awareness

    ISO 45001 clause: 7.2, 7.3 / 18001 clause: 4.4.2 / ISO 14001 clause: 7.2, 7.3

    Data regarding workers competence and training are captured and managed as part of the Administrator’s function. It is also used in the Training record for monitoring the currency of skills, training needs analysis and developing training-role matrix. Online learning enables organisations to produce and manage training content.

    Documented information, control of documents and records

    ISO 45001 clause: 7.5 / 18001 clause: 4.4.4 / ISO 14001 clause: 7.5

    Records are captured with automatically generated doc ID, which has a built-in audit trail, so every action that is taken by any user is date- and time-stamped. Unlimited number of documents in commonly used industry formats can be attached to the record.

    Operational planning and control, including contractors and outsourcing

    ISO 45001 clause: 8.1 / 18001 clause: 4.4.6 / ISO 14001 clause: 8.1

    The complete process from qualifying of contractors to their performance management and renewal of contracts can all be managed in the Contractor Management module. Users are able to interact with the contractors via a Login ID that enables access to certain functionalities the solution. It includes the capability for classifying the scope of the work according to different risk classifications. Customised questions and request for evidence can be included or configured for each corresponding level of risk.

    Performance evaluation, Checking

    ISO 45001 clause: 9.1/ 18001 clause: 4.5 / ISO 14001 clause: 9.1

    Interactive dashboard enables organisations to analyse and share various reports to evaluate cross organisational performance and make informed decisions. Whether it is in the modular record list or Dashboard view, desired reports can be filtered by division, department, site, date range, data fields, etc. Huge library of widgets can either be selected or created to generate maps, charts, tables and graphs. Layouts can be configured for individual or shared global view.

    Incident, nonconformity, corrective action, preventive action and continual improvement

    ISO 45001 clause: 10.2, 10.3 / 18001 clause: 4.5.3 / ISO 14001 clause: 10.2, 10.3

    Incidents can be logged from a mobile device (online or offline), or via a laptop. Any person, Contractor or Employee can be provided with a Login ID that enables the logging/reading/editing of Incident reports. Mail-In functionality enables a person with no access to myosh to be able to similarly report an incident through a formatted email. Associated injury reports are also linked to the incident reports to provide efficient RTW and case management and access to important documents such as medical certificates for the injured workers.