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Starting from $227 per month + $3,772 once-off licencing*

Fast track safety compliance for small to medium organisations with our industry-standardised templates

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Custom Risk Matrix
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Entirely flexible to meet your need at any scale, with advanced features and bespoke modules

Our most hands-on subscription to rise to any level of complexity required

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Custom module building
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Note: All prices are in AUD and are GST exclusive. Table is indicative of functionality only; additional costs apply to some features.
* Includes myosh's three core modules for up to 10 users, with cost-effective licence and subscription scaling for extra modules and users.

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Note: Changes to Admin Features are not available across plans, ensuring uniformity in system administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which myosh plan is best suited for me?

Choosing the right myosh plan depends on your organisation’s size, specific safety management needs, and desired level of customisation. For guidance tailored to your specific requirements, reach out to us directly via our contact us page. Feel free to leave your number and ask for a call if you prefer to chat over the phone.

How is myosh billed?

Billed monthly, except for some regions. Semi-annual or quarterly billing can be arranged if required.

Are there cost benefits to choosing monthly vs. annual billing?

Billing cycle has no implication for pricing.

Can I add unlimited users during my free trial of myosh?

Only one user login is issued for a free trial. This is because the trial environment is a demo environment which resets on a monthly basis, and therefore cannot be continued once your myosh subscription officially starts.

In which currencies can I pay for myosh?

Invoicing is generally issued in AUD. Please contact Accounts to query arrangements for other currencies

How does pricing scale with more users or modules?

Modules are priced on a flat rate irrespective of number subscribed; however, simpler modules like Action Management are discounted over more complex modules like Injury Management. A price multiplier is applied according to the number of user logins required: this scales favourably as more users are added to ensure that you can comfortably stay with myosh even as your business expands.

Why do I need to request a quote to see what I’ll pay?

Module selection is difficult to calibrate without a prior consultation to assess your needs. Expert myosh consultants almost invariably quote lower than users think they need! A personalised quote ensures that you receive a realistic estimation of what it will cost your organisation to implement myosh.

What modules are included in the basic minimum package?

The core myosh modules, Incidents, Hazards, and Actions are always included by default. The minimum number of logins is 1 (pricing table shows pricing for 10).