Online Learning

Share, test, and verify knowledge

Automate training and inductions

    Share course content, test for understanding, and automatically issue certificates and notifications

    Import SCORM content for online learning courses, or choose from a variety of pre-made courses.


    Include your unique course link on your website or invite an attendees to complete one course or multiple courses. Send to site visitors before they arrive and save time. Courses can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.


    When training is successfully completed, a personalised certificate is generated and emailed. Records are automatically updated and notifications issued – making it easy to see who has completed what training.

    Online Learning is an optional myosh module that can integrate with Training Management, and will soon be available as a standalone cloud based solution.

    “Online workplace inductions should be easy to share, complete, track, and verify. Content also needs to be engaging and easy to understand.”

    Online Learning features

    What does it do?

    • Saves time and money by training staff online, reduces or eliminates the need for on-site time e.g. inductions, onboarding
    • Reduces training room time and resources by ‘front loading’ part of your training prior to arrival in the training room
    • Allows for fast implementation with no software installation required, all cloud-based
    • Knowledge can be tested with your own set of questions
    • Redirects participants when they answer questions incorrectly
    • Tracks training results and sends reminders
    • Produce your own customisable certificates upon successful completion of courses.
    • Can add your own rich content such as text, videos, pictures, or link directly to a webpage.
    • Upload your own SCORM content

    What reports can I create?

    • System can deliver surveys, customer feedback forms and certification programs.
    • Notifies and emails pdf certificate attachments on successful course completion.


    • Integrates with the training management module ensuring you can track completion of training and when renewal is required
    • Links to your existing web site for ease of access by offsite staff and contractors
    • When a user successfully completes a course then a training record for that user is created within TMS.
    • Online Learning will also create a Contractor Training record if the trainee is a Contractor.
    • When a training record is created; the Training field is set to the Course Name, the Provided By field is set to ‘Online Learning’, and the Renewal Date is set based on the course Renewal Period parameter. Other fields like Hierarchy and Occupation are pulled from the Contact/Contractor record.
    • If a person does the same course multiple times, then the old training record becomes a history record, and a new main/active training record is created.


    • Online Learning works as an Integrated myosh Module that is added to your existing myosh subscription, and will soon be available as a Stand-Alone Cloud-Based Learning Management Platform
    • Attendances are charged on a decreasing scale.
    • For more detailed pricing information, please email

    Available Courses

    Please see our course library page for the current list of pre-made courses available to choose from, and to submit a request for these to be added to your myosh Online Learning environment.

    *Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

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